Hydrogen storage, gaseous and solid forms

Hello !

This article is closing this blog, and I’m going to finish my presentation of different ways to stock hydrogen.

So last time, I talk about liquid form, now, let’s see gaseous form. Often used for automobile industry, the tanks need to resist to crucial tests including fire and gun shots, and mustn’t explose to be commercialized. Inside tank pressure can reach 700bars, which permits to hydrogen to reach a volume mass of 42kg/m3 (density at ambient pressure and temperature multiplied by 500!). Composite materials using carbon fibre are used to make such resistant tanks.


Honda Clarity’s hydrogen tanks at 350bars !

And then it’s possible to store hydrogen into solid form! Yes I wrote solid form, even if indeed, you’re not going to hold a cube of hydrogen as you could hold an ice cube, but hydrogen go into a solid component into different ways:


Hydrogen can be stocked by adsorption, or 3immobilized3 on another material surface. This way,hydrogen is still into gaseus form. But this form of starage isn’t convienient yet because materials need very low temperature (-196°C) to make the job.

Another solution is to stock hydrogen into solid material into hydrate forms. It means that hydrogen isn’t into its gaseous phase H2, but directly reacts with materials and became ions H+. A lot of metallic hydrates exists, and first results are amasing, because they permits to store hydrogen in complete security! McPhy is a company which developed a material (MgH2) which stores hydrogen into a pastille of MgH2, and this video reveals its resistance again fire:




Just amazing !


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