Hydrogen storage issues

Hello everyone,

In this blog I always praise hydrogen sector, and it’s time to talk about THE big obstacle to his development: his storage.

The storage is a crucial issue; it has to reduce hydrogen volume in ambient temperature/pressure and all of this securely.

Indeed, Hydrogen is the lightest gas on the universe, one litre of this gas weights only 90mg at atmospheric pressure, it’s approximately 11 times more lighten than the air we’re brieathing. For moving applications, we need to rise its density, and for this, we’re going to use Boyle-Mariotte law : PV=nRT, bref (yes Liz I wrote “bref”, I know it’s a French word, but I really wanted to use it ! =) ) we have to rise the storage pressure to reduce the volume. In fact, a volume of 11m3 would be necessary to stock 1kg (and not 2.20462 pounds, I didn’t want to make the conversion!) of hydrogen, it’s the equivalent of a big Renault Kangoo (mouhaha!!!) capacity. Knowing that 1kg of hydrogen is approximately the quantity needed to make 100km, it becomes obvious that we need to push hydrogen to make it get in smaller tank.

The problem with increased bulk is security. Hydrogen is a very inflammable gas, and can provoke big explosions when it’s stocked in high concentration. Don’t be afraid, it’s not the first time we use inflammable gas, don’t we use gas to cook or to warm us? It’s engineers’ job to make the “possimpible”, and we must admit: they do it very well! And we’re going to see in the followings articles how the different paths used by engineers and researches to secure hydrogen.


Curiosity, an exemple of “possimpible” things we’re able to accomplish !

And I’m spoiling again… they already succeeded to reach this “possimpible”!


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