Hydrogen sector

Dear readers,

In a previous post, I talk about what is missing to permit the expansion of fuel cells utilisation, so I propose now to think about what the world would look like if we decided to use hydrogen as an energy vector.

First of all, a lot of conversion units would have been installed near actual power plant in order to transform the electricity produced into hydrogen. Then, more en more power plant using renewable energies will be constructed depending on the localisation.  It means a lot of solar plans on the south, of wind farms in windy plains, geothermal energy near Paris, tidal power plant on the coasts, etc,… So ok, maybe it’s not a sexy landscape, but it would permit :

  • To decrease (or maye eliminate) cities pollution, and so cancers and other deseases
  • To save the planet buy reducing CO2 emission
  • To have several energy sources, and to reduce fossil oil cost influence

Then the produced hydrogen would be stocked on tanks or transported thanks to pipeline network.

Then once at home, a stack of fuel cells will convert hydrogen into electricity. And it would permit to increase the autonomy of all of our products (computer, cars, lights, etc…). And at the end, it would permit to create more and more fantastic and innovative products wich need more energy than today.

So what do you think about this new life?


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