After the cars, place to the drones !

Dear dreamers,

You want to see the world from another point of view? You want to rise up and leave for a moment your morosely life? Buy a drone, and rediscover your neighbourhood!

Know what you are going to say : “Drones?! Pff, you buy it a fortune for only few minutes of utilisation!”, and I would have been agree with you if I didn’t discover the project of intelligent energy (I know that I already talk about them in a previous post) to make a drone able to fly not several minutes but several HOURS. They didn’t gave the exact time of utilisation, I think it’s because it really depends on the configuration of the drone and the equipment you want to hold.

drone 1

 Drone of intelligent Energy

Including fuel cells in drones is not a recent idea, in 2015, Horizon Energy Systems developed a drone able to fly during 1 hour with a camera of 1kg and 4hours without load !

drone 2.png

Prototype of the drone of Horizon Energy System using 2 cylindrical hydrogen tanks to form the drone’s frames.

The sector of drones is in expansion, Amazon talk about it for delivering parcels, amateurs of photos and even law enforcement and fire brigades think about it to collect precious information before intervention.

Unfortunately, like many projects on fuel cell area, theses drones are still not available for sale…

But the overview of theses project let us imagining the future.


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