French project : Myrte, a mix between photovoltaic and hydrogen

Dear French people, dear followers of the word,

As I’m French, and a little bit ashamed to see how late we are in hydrogen sector development, I would like to talk you about a fantastic project made by the Corse’s university : Myrte.

Myrte is the first project of the word wich aims to build a life-size model of combination between renewable energy: photovoltaic, and energy storage: hydrogen. The start of the project took place in 2007, but because of red tape, and also environment constraints. An entire 9mounthes analyse has been hold in order to see the influence of this big installation on biodiversity. Indeed, some protected species live their, like turtles, and the conclusion of the investigation is that they had to divide by 10 the surface of photovoltaic panels.

The platform include 3,000m² of photovoltaic panels and generate 560KW of electricity. A hydrogen generator permits to transform the excess of electricity into hydrogen. Produced hydrogen is stocked and re-deliver the energy thanks fuel cell into electricity when the population needs more energy (at the end of the day for example). As I told you last time, the reaction of water formation is exothermic, this heat source is also used to produce electricity, which permit to have an electrical efficiency of 70%.

This project works well, so much that they will be able to sell the exceed of electricity to EDF, the benefits will be used to finance researches relative to this platform.

So nobody can’t say that fuel cell aren’t profitable anymore…





7 thoughts on “French project : Myrte, a mix between photovoltaic and hydrogen

    1. As this is a experimental installation, they had a budget of €21M, it’s seems a lot, and some people criticize it because of the price and of the results who are not as prodigious as they excepted. But this station will be the opportunity to test in life size all new technologies, and to see what are the problems which need to be solved.


  1. Hi Claire, I am very interested in solar panel and photovoltaic energy. But I did not know that a new kind of energy like this one was found. Thanks a lot for this article. I will try to know more about it 🙂


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