What is missing to permit fuel cell fly ?

Dear sceptic readers,

I know that I told you about the numerous qualities of fuel cell, about new cars, or projects, but the question you must have in your mind is : if this technology is that promising, why can’t I find any fuel cell stuff in the commerce ?

The reason is simple : because to use fuel cell, you need hydrogen. Hydrogen can comes from natural gazes, but it’s also possible to create it with water hydrolyse. I insist : fuel cells will not create energy, but are part of a system who permit to stock it and to transport it : hydrogen industry. As long as there will be no hydrogen station, or nation financing, fuel cell will never break throw this problem.

So yes, hydrogen industry needs government and industries involvement. Even if french government is content with shiny investments, other country started the adventure. Of course, I’m talking about Japan, who has the advantage to have a good communication between industries and government, Japan government participated to a common program of different car constructors : installing hydrogen station all around the country. Toyota, Nissan and Honda made an alliance to develop hydrogen cars, by financing the hydrogen distribution program. Air liquid saw the real opportunity of this market and built several station in the country.

To develop hydrogen industries, you need governmental and industrial involvement.


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