An Iphone 6 working whole a week without recharging ?

Hie curious callers !

Your are wondering how using a fuel cell in a smart-phone will change your life ? Well, just think that instead of walking all the time  with a battery charger to be sure you’ll be able to play all the day on your phone and to have a long discussion with a friend at 18:00 pm in the metro, you’ll have a fuel cell integrated in your phone. And yes, this change everything ! How ? Well… instead of having a 10 hours of autonomy as all Iphone 6 have, you’ll have a whole week before needing to recharge the phone !

This is not an utopia, it’s reality now, Intelligent energy who already worked with apple to commercialize a charger working thanks fuel cells, integrated on of their cells in an iphone 6 without modifying the structure. And the result is really impressive, 1 week of autonomy, which is almost unhoped-for an Iphone.

Before striking a deal with Apple, Intelligent Energy has much to prove by providing fuel cell generator in India. Indeed, India is a high populated country, a population who needs to communicate, which means a lot of phones needing cell repeaters. Intelligent Energy get a contract in which they have to replace more than 26,000 diesel generators. Those generators feed a big part of telephone network when the electrical network is broken. It means a great decrease of CO2 emission, and also enormous economy for the country.

Where diesel is limited, fuel cell can do !


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