Hydrogen in french cars ?

Good morning ashamed drivers !

Today, cars produce a lot CO2 during their production, and after that, a lot of fine particles during their utilisation. But we must admit that even if their a lot of public transportation, using a car is often much more convenient.

But acting like this, we’re all participating to the degradation of the air, and thus, to public health. But don’t worry, there’s a hope ! Remember what I told you about wonderful performances of Toyota Mirai car working with fuel cell in Japan, well this miracle is happening in France too !

The French company Symobio FCell put some of their fuel cell into 50 Renault Kangoo Z.E, an utility vehicle working with electricity. And the result is flabbergasting ! They succeeded to increase the battery life from 160km to 300km ! Two service station have been installed at Grenoble and Lyon to feed the car with hydrogen. Those cars are destined to postmen, and it permit them to feel much more confident regarding the autonomy of their car.

So be careful about this new technology if you don’t want to became hold fashioned !



7 thoughts on “Hydrogen in french cars ?

  1. Hello,
    This technology looks interesting. But the differents elements which are mandatory to releaze this car are more polluting than a standard fuel car. So what is the best choice?


    1. Hie Thomas,
      To be honest, I don’t think hydrogen will be the future of cars, the stake of hydrogen car is to make the public sensitize to hydrogen potential. In this case, it will be easier for politicians to invest money in hydrogen distribution, an then, to use it not in cars, but in home alimentation. The difference is the temperature of utilisation, which will change the materials used for the cells. For exemple, most of the fuel cell who run under low temperatures (70°C approximately) need platinum to work, which is extremely expensive, and can’t be used for big production. But fuel cell working at 700°C use ceramics materials, which are more environment respectfully. But it’s more difficult for a president to say to people they have to change their thermal boiler to include fuel cell if they don’t see or understand the potential of this new technology. So car using hydrogen are for me the way to present a new concept of electricity storage.


  2. Hello claire, thank you for your article, it is very interesting and i didn’t knows very mutch informations on this subject! Hydrogen it is a good idea but , I don’t think too that it is the futur en france and the word


    1. Hie ! No, explosion risks aren’t too high because like biogaz (E85) used in some cars, engineers need to perform the safety specifications imposed. It can imply a thicker tank, or to stock the hydrogen in the form of hydrate. Some engineers proposed to stock hydrogen in liquid form, but it’s very complicated to stock it that way, because they’re some gaz leak, and you can’t stock your car in the garage, which is not a problem in gaz form. I’ll make an article soon to talk about that !


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