Cathode deposition

Dear future planet savers,

Hear is (almost) the end of the travel, we’ll depose the last part of the cell : the cathode ! And the good new is that it’s often made by screen printing like the electrolyte, or tape casting like anode. So there’s no big deal with it, the only problem is to make the deposition without breaking the support.

Indeed, as I explained in the article “why do we start?”, anode+electrolyte must be sintered before cathode deposition because this last one can stand high sintering temperature of the rest of the cell. Once sintered, the support is fragile like pottery, so it’s very important to obtain a flat substrate to make an homogeneous deposition by screen printing. If the substrate isn’t good, .

Let’s see a resume of different steps of the shaping :

  • Anode fabrication by tape casting
  • Electrolyte deposition by screen printing
  • Co-sintering process of anode+electrolyte at high tempretarure (1400°C)
  • Cathode deposition on sintered Anode+electrolyte by screen printing
  • Cathode sintering process at 1100°C
  • Final cell obtained !


Following article will explain in more details the different reactions which take place in the cell and permit to obtain electricity.

… See you soon to discover the secrets of this revolutionary cell !



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