Toyota Mirai Powering the future

High everyone!

Before talking a little bit more about scientific and technical aspects of fuel cell technology, and wanted to make a break and to show you that fuel cells are already used today. Indeed, Toyota who revolutionized the automobile word by creating the first hybrid car, did it again by designing and making the first car using hydrogen: Mirai.

toyota-news-2014-toyota-mirai-article-03_tcm-18-276201This car is a big revolution because it mixes all pleasures of a traditional car (power, comfort, design, autonomy, and refueling time) and environnement respect. In fact, this car isn’t noisy and doesn’t emit any harmful gas, only water.

Mirai combines the Toyota Fuell System with hybrid technology and offers a better efficiency than traditionnal cars.

Hydrogen tank and fuel cell stacks are localized under the car and permit thus to create a low gravity center, increasing the pleaser of driving.

Some figures:

  • Announced autonomy: 500km
  • Motor power : 154 ch !!!!
  • Tank volume 60 + 62,6 L
  • Nominal Pressure 700bar
  • Price : 79 200€

Ok, this car is still expensive, but let think about the change it may involve! If car manufacturers start to invest in this new technology, it will create a need of a sophisticated hydrogen distribution network. Once developed, it will open the way to new technology using hydrogen, and so less oil consumption.

All this new concept is well resumed by one “word” : H20PE


3 thoughts on “Toyota Mirai Powering the future

  1. Oh my god ! Nominal Pressure 700bar in a tank with hydrogen !
    That sounds pretty dangerous if the car has an accident! This can do a lot of damage in case of explosion.


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